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The ABCs of CBT

Ok. Admission time. You know that I love playtime with my cuckies and my sissies. You know that I have a sharp tongue and that my laughter is real when I get into a good verbal humiliation session – especially when it involves small penis humiliation. And you know that I absolutely have no . . . → Read More: The ABCs of CBT

6 Tips to Give Better Blow Jobs

This post is for all my cocksucking sissies, faggots, and cucks out there in kinksterland. As a submissive bitch you will most likely at some point find yourself kneeling eye to eye with a nice big cock. A cock that you absolutely must make happy. So the following is just a quick collection of . . . → Read More: 6 Tips to Give Better Blow Jobs

Sissy Sandal Challenge!!!

Sissy Sandal Challenge for the weekend!

This weekend you’re going for a walk in the park. In flip flops. With nail polish.

That’s right pets. You heard me. This public humiliation assignment for sissies and pansy boys is all about toeing the line, and seeing if you get caught! Let’s see how many people . . . → Read More: Sissy Sandal Challenge!!!

Limp Noodles Need Not Apply.

We talk a lot around here about how pathetic small dicks are. How they are absolutely useless to women, that they just can’t get a girl off, and that quite frankly the only thing they are even remotely good for is being the punchline to a joke.

But there is another, equally laughable state-of-penis . . . → Read More: Limp Noodles Need Not Apply.