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But it’s Really Thick!

“My dick isn’t long, but it is really thick, is that OK?”

No. Just no. Nobody wants your short chubber. Real cocks are thick AND long. If you have a shortie then you still qualify for small penis humiliation. Other forms of humiliation as well. Not only is it too small, it is all . . . → Read More: But it’s Really Thick!

Erectile Dysfunction: Another Reason You Are A Loser.

“Just so you know. It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy and it is a BIG DEAL.”

Well said Rachel. Well said.

For those who couldn’t catch the reference the aforementioned quote was uttered (or more so shouted) by Rachel Green in an episode of friends. It has always been a . . . → Read More: Erectile Dysfunction: Another Reason You Are A Loser.

Chastity Humiliation

There are many humiliating ways for a Mistress to have absolute control over you. one of my personal favorites is by using a cock cage. For me, there isn’t much that beats the pathetic pleas of a pet going through the circles of chastity hell.  

There you are, your worthless little dicklet is locked . . . → Read More: Chastity Humiliation

Why You Should Be a Cuckold

In my post “The Truth About The Female Orgasm” we discussed the 3 reasons that keep you from being a real man. Why you are unable to sexually satisfy a woman. The cold hard (or not hard as the case may be) truth is that if you are a minute man, a limp noodle, . . . → Read More: Why You Should Be a Cuckold