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The Relationship Between Cuckolding and Forced Bi Humiliation

When I’m speaking with a cuckold or cuckold wannabe that resists the idea of coerced bi humiliation, it always amazes me. Not the cuckolds who are voyeurs, those guys just want to watch and usually are pretty well endowed. But the males who are drawn to cuckold humiliation are usually much smaller, much more . . . → Read More: The Relationship Between Cuckolding and Coerced Bi Humiliation


Craving the Cock... Forced Bi Humiliation

I’m sure you’d deny it if asked, but I see how you stare at well endowed men. It’s that same look men give women when they see something they like. I’m sure you didn’t anticipate your facial expressions would be so telling or you’d have watched yourself a bit more closely. But now that . . . → Read More: Craving the Cock… Coerced Bi Humiliation


The Newlywed Cuckold Husband Part 2

He licked his lips wondering what his wife’s next move would be. She stood in front of him with her new lover Raoul’s cock in her pretty hand. He couldn’t stop staring as he watched her engagement ring, her wedding ring sliding up and down on his swarthy, veiny cock. He was so hard. . . . → Read More: The Newlywed Cuckold Husband Part 2


Sissy Slut Humiliation

So you’re a genuine poof, a real sissy with your hair in bows and wearing a petticoat? Or are you a sleek and sexy sissy wearing something classic with a demure wig, soft lipstick and a scarf? Or maybe you’re a slutty little sissy wearing a too short mini skirt, thong bikinis and stripper . . . → Read More: Sissy Slut Humiliation


Forced Bi Humiliation Phone Sex Fetish

Anyone who knows me at all knows how much I enjoy coerced bi humiliation, though since I’m here and you’re way over there on the other end of the phone line… well let’s just say, I don’t so how we could call it coerced bi at all! Obviously if you’ve come here for some . . . → Read More: Coerced Bi Humiliation Phone Sex Fetish


Forced Bi Humiliation... Or Why You Love the Cock So Much.

While the phone sex fetish is deemed coerced bi, coached bisexuality or seduced bi humiliation, I choose bisexual ravishment fantasy as an alternative. I’ve personally found few cocksucking sluts who entertained the notion there was anything at all coerced about seduced bisexuality fantasies. To use the word “coerce” when describing an activity that is . . . → Read More: Coerced Bi Humiliation, Or Why You Love the Cock So Much.


Small Cock Humiliation... Origin of a Fetish

Many men have delusions concerning their penis size. While some carry around an exaggerated sense that their cock is huge and women should drop to their knees and worship, this is rarely the case. Conversely, some men underestimate the normality of their member, opting instead to exaggerate in the other direction. Rarely do men . . . → Read More: Small Cock Humiliation, Origin of a Fetish


Phone Humiliation... An Introduction to Ms. Lauren

Hi there! I’m Ms. Lauren and I’m here to send you to your knees with lust and longing while I laugh at you and taunt you for being less of a man than you’d like to be. I know your secret desires, how much you enjoy bowing down to a strong woman that understands . . . → Read More: Phone Humiliation, An Introduction to Ms. Lauren