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I’ve Hidden Your Chastity Key

You kneel before me, blindfolded, cock tucked away in a cage going on 4 months now. It has been sooo long since you had cummies, hasn’t it pet? I know those poor little balls are aching for release. So so blue.

Well guess what!?! Today is your lucky day! I have hidden your key somewhere in this room. You have 1 hour to find it. You must keep your blindfold on during your search. If you are successful you may open your cage and stroke that dickie until you orgasm. If you fail, it will not be until your 6 month chastity anniversary before you get your next chance to earn a release.

You may begin

Scuttling around all over the room, bumping into things, feverishly running your hands over every surface, desperate for your fingers to brush against that cool relieving metal only to continuously come up empty handed.

Tick. Tock.

You are running out of time. I promise you it’s close. If it were a snake you’d have been bit. Red hot. So. Close.

But you are running out of time. Still frantically sweeping your arms. So close.

But close only counts in horse shoes and grenades. You are out of time.

I remove your blindfold, and flash you a wicked grin as I turn it to face you.

There is your key. Taped to the blindfold. I promised you were close to it.

Enjoy your 6 months of chastity.

How To Help Your Wife Get Ready for Her Date

One of the more humiliating jobs for cuckies is helping their hot wives get ready for their dates. Here is a quick guide for the little losers out there who will find themselves cucked and needing to help their spouse.

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Why Black Men are Superior to White Men

Lots of hot wives tend to gravitate towards black men to be their bulls – and for a good reason! Black cock is sooooo much better than white dick, and if you are going to be cucking your little bitch boi at home, might as well go for the best lay around, and that . . . → Read More: Why Black Men are Superior to White Men

I Caught My Wife Cheating! Now What?

The signs have been there for a long time. Your wife has been going to the gym more, and she’s been buying all sorts of naughty lingerie that you never see her wearing. She’s been more protective of her phone, more “girls’ nights out,” your sex life has come to a screeching halt, and . . . → Read More: I Caught My Wife Cheating! Now What?

New Year’s Resolutions For Kinksters

Happy New Years, pets! I’m leaving this quick blog post before heading out on the town with my sexy bull lover. With 2018 right around the corner it is time to think about our kinky resolutions. Here are some ideas for my pets who haven’t come up with any yet.

Sissy Sluts – Time . . . → Read More: New Year’s Resolutions For Kinksters

The Humiliation of Being Furniture

There isn’t much more out there as humiliating and degrading as objectifying someone. One of my favorite ways to do so is to strip you of all your humanity and reduce you to being a mere piece of furniture. I will pay as much attention to you as I do my coffee table – . . . → Read More: The Humiliation of Being Furniture

10 more SPH insults!

You know how much I LOVE small penis humiliation! We’ve done top 10 lists of SPH insults before and it’s still not enough for me! So here are 10 more of my favorite soul cutting SPH insults.

10.) It’s so small you could fit a thimble over it!

9.) Normally I call guys with . . . → Read More: 10 more SPH insults!

The Humiliation of Over the Knee Spanking

Drop your pants and get in into my lap. You know what’s coming don’t you pet? You are going to receive a bare bottom over the knee spanking! You deserve it. You’ve been so naughty…

Those are words I love saying to my little pets. I love how red their little faces get and . . . → Read More: The Humiliation of Over the Knee Spanking

Foot Worship: Soothing Foot Bath

For those kinksters out there who are fortunate enough to have a lovely lady in their life, be it girlfriend, wife, or Mistress, here is a quick how-to for you to express your appreciation to Mrs. Kinkster! All while getting your foot fetish nut off.

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Sexy Word of the Day!


1. tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation; perturbation.

2. trembling or quivering movement; tremor.

The sissy maid knelt by the front door, smoothing the ruffles of her apron. The hard grains of dry rice her mistress sprinkled on the floor were digging into her skin. The pain in her knees was nagging at her and nearly causing her to break her . . . → Read More: Sexy Word of the Day!