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Denial For The Tiny Dicked

Every so often I get asked why I love denial so much, and do I ever feel bad for the poor guy who is aching from his blue balls, badly needing a release. How could I do that to a guy!?!

Well, first of all, I love denial because I find that it makes subs more compliant, the way they beg and cry is funny, and because I like leaving guys in pain!

And no. I have never felt bad about denying a man. Most of the guys I refuse to give release to are denied because they simply do not have a proper sized cock. If they did they would be out using it on a woman!

Let’s face it, those shrimp dick just can’t do the job that dicks were made to for. That small pathetic excuse of a cock never has, and never will be capable of bringing a woman to orgasm. To give her pleasure.

So why then fuck should a little dicked loser get to enjoy an orgasm if they can’t give one?

Cuckold Cum Eating

Al cuckolds need to learn how to clean up creampies. The vast majority of cucks have no business ever fucking their wives again, so licking her lover’s cum out of his wife’s pussy is pretty much as close as he will ever get to fucking her again anyways

Cuckolds should be eating their own . . . → Read More: Cuckold Cum Eating


You may have noticed that I haven’t been making many CBT posts lately on this blog.

It’s not because I stopped doing those calls! I still love ball busting! In fact, I love CBT so much, that I have a dedicated blog all about how best to hurt those little filth filled things! I . . . → Read More: CBT

Racial Humiliation: What I’ll Say On Calls

I often get asked if I do racial humiliation and if I will use racial slurs during sessions.

The answer to the first part of that question is an absolute HELL FUCKING YEAH!!! I love all types of humiliation. I don’t shy away from the touchy topics such as making fun of race, religion, . . . → Read More: Racial Humiliation: What I’ll Say On Calls

Cum Eating Recipes: Iced Coffee w/ Cum Cream

Every house has it’s own set of rules, a house run by a Fem Domme such as myself tends to have more rules with even stricter consequences. One rule in my domain that absolutely MUST be abide by, under penalty of a severe ball busting, is DO NOT attempt to interact with Mistress Nadia . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Recipes: Iced Coffee w/ Cum Cream

If I Have a Small Penis, Am I Destined to be a Cuckold?

I was checking my email this morning and stumbled across a message from someone with this title:

“If I have a small penis, am I destined to be a cuckold?”

I opened the mail and was met with a tearful message from a man who was worried that his wife would cheat on him, . . . → Read More: If I Have a Small Penis, Am I Destined to be a Cuckold?

Sharks and the Global Feminization of Men

It’s shark week again! Sharks are my favorite animal so I treat this week as a national holiday on par with Christmas, Superbowl Sunday, and my Birthday. (And yes, I do consider all of those as national holidays!) So if you have been wondering where I have been this week – I’ve been logging . . . → Read More: Sharks and the Global Feminization of Men

Controlling Your Cock With Ruined Orgasms

You know the amount I cherish listening to screeches of agony and tears of utter shame from my pets, but there is another sound I savor – the horrified and frustrated moans of those rare occurrences when I DO let you cum. Confused as to why an outspoken proponent of orgasm denial would actually . . . → Read More: Controlling Your Cock With Ruined Orgasms

Public Body Worship

Ty and I just got back from another little day trip! This time we went to Charleston, SC. The beach was great, the water so warm, it was practically time to bust out a bar of soap. We had dinner at Pearlz Oyster bar (I love raw oysters! An aphrodisiac that tastes of the . . . → Read More: Public Body Worship

My Top 10 SPH insults!

You now how much I love SPH. I mean fuck. Why do you think I took over a blog all about humiliation! Today I thought it would be fun just to go through some of my favorite small penis humiliation insults. So here are my top 10

10.) Is it in yet?

9.) Awww . . . → Read More: My Top 10 SPH insults!