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Sexy Word of the Day!


1. tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation; perturbation.

2. trembling or quivering movement; tremor.

The sissy maid knelt by the front door, smoothing the ruffles of her apron. The hard grains of dry rice her mistress sprinkled on the floor were digging into her skin. The pain in her knees was nagging at her and nearly causing her to break her concentration. Mistress would be home soon. It was required that she be in position at the front door. Still as a statue and in perfect form. On her knees, with the skirt of her French maid uniform, spread around her like a bell. Dinner had been cooked and the house cleaned from top to bottom. Her little sissy stick began to twitch with excitement in her panties, she heard the scraping sound of her Mistress pushing the key through the lock. It seemed to take forever for the tumblers to turn. Finally! Mistress walked through the front door!

The Mistress walked past, ignoring the sissy, and began the evening inspection of all of her sub’s daily chores. The little sissy quivered and waited in trepidation for her Mistress’s return. When she finally did she sneered down at her little sissy slave. The maid gulped as her Mistress greeted her “Well, well, well my pet. It appears that we forgot to take the laundry out of the clothes dryer again. Didn’t we? You know how I like my clothes immediately hung so as they do not wrinkle. You will have to be punished.”

What do you think would be an appropriate punishment for this bad little sissy maid?



On-The-Go Snack for Cum Eaters

Have you ever seen those on the go yogurt snacks? The ones that come in the long tubes so you don’t need a spoon to eat them? You just squeeze from the bottom and push that creamy goodness out of the tube and into your mouth.

Well, my nasty little cum suckers can have . . . → Read More: On-The-Go Snack for Cum Eaters

House Hold Chores: No Hands Allowed!!!

One of my favorite past times is watching my little house bitches do all my house hold chores while I relax and enjoy myself. However, it is housework after all, and it does get a bit mundane. So in order to amuse myself, every so often I enact the “no hands allowed” rule. Just . . . → Read More: House Hold Chores: No Hands Allowed!!!

The ABCs of CBT

Ok. Admission time. You know that I love playtime with my cuckies and my sissies. You know that I have a sharp tongue and that my laughter is real when I get into a good verbal humiliation session – especially when it involves small penis humiliation. And you know that I absolutely have no . . . → Read More: The ABCs of CBT

6 Tips to Give Better Blow Jobs

This post is for all my cocksucking sissies, faggots, and cucks out there in kinksterland. As a submissive bitch you will most likely at some point find yourself kneeling eye to eye with a nice big cock. A cock that you absolutely must make happy. So the following is just a quick collection of . . . → Read More: 6 Tips to Give Better Blow Jobs

Sissy Sandal Challenge!!!

Sissy Sandal Challenge for the weekend!

This weekend you’re going for a walk in the park. In flip flops. With nail polish.

That’s right pets. You heard me. This public humiliation assignment for sissies and pansy boys is all about toeing the line, and seeing if you get caught! Let’s see how many people . . . → Read More: Sissy Sandal Challenge!!!

Limp Noodles Need Not Apply.

We talk a lot around here about how pathetic small dicks are. How they are absolutely useless to women, that they just can’t get a girl off, and that quite frankly the only thing they are even remotely good for is being the punchline to a joke.

But there is another, equally laughable state-of-penis . . . → Read More: Limp Noodles Need Not Apply.

Public Humiliation Assignment for Foot Bitches

I thought it might be fun to post a little public humiliation assignment for my dear sweet little foot bitches out there. It’s a simple one that will get the blood pumping. All you need to do is go to your local shoe store. Take a look around and you will find a display . . . → Read More: Public Humiliation Assignment for Foot Bitches

Public Humiliation Assignment for Sissies

It’s short and skirt season girls! Which means you sissy bitches need to make sure those legs are nice and smooth. So it’s time to pull out the razors and the skintimate.

The other day while I was playing with my Little Sissy Crissy, an idea struck me. The implications for humiliating this little . . . → Read More: Public Humiliation Assignment for Sissies

Masturbation May: Masturbation Tips for the Tiny Dicked

Happy Masturbation May pets!!! Are you having fun wanking those willies? Well if you are like the majority of my readers, your Willy is less whale and more of a minnow. So In celebration of Masturbation May, here are some masturbation tips for the tiny dicked!

Just Use Two Fingers: For some reason, many . . . → Read More: Masturbation May: Masturbation Tips for the Tiny Dicked