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The Humiliation of Being Furniture

There isn’t much more out there as humiliating and degrading as objectifying someone. One of my favorite ways to do so is to strip you of all your humanity and reduce you to being a mere piece of furniture. I will pay as much attention to you as I do my coffee table – absolutely zero, that is until I am ready to use you.

Perhaps I will make YOU my coffee table. You will kneel there. Quietly. My hot coffee mug balanced on your bare back, and if you fuck up and spill my beverage… your punishment will be swift and severe.

Or maybe you will kneel in my study, as a human footstool. Left alone day and night until I fancy curling up in my armchair with a good book, and perching my tired feet on your back.

And speaking of feet… I may also use you as my doormat. Literally. You will be required to lay by the front door. Flat on your back. When I come home from a long day out, I will step on you and wipe the dirt and grime off onto your chest and face. If I “accidentally” step on your balls… Oh well.


10 more SPH insults!

You know how much I LOVE small penis humiliation! We’ve done top 10 lists of SPH insults before and it’s still not enough for me! So here are 10 more of my favorite soul cutting SPH insults.

10.) It’s so small you could fit a thimble over it!

9.) Normally I call guys with . . . → Read More: 10 more SPH insults!

The Humiliation of Over the Knee Spanking

Drop your pants and get in into my lap. You know what’s coming don’t you pet? You are going to receive a bare bottom over the knee spanking! You deserve it. You’ve been so naughty…

Those are words I love saying to my little pets. I love how red their little faces get and . . . → Read More: The Humiliation of Over the Knee Spanking

Foot Worship: Soothing Foot Bath

For those kinksters out there who are fortunate enough to have a lovely lady in their life, be it girlfriend, wife, or Mistress, here is a quick how-to for you to express your appreciation to Mrs. Kinkster! All while getting your foot fetish nut off.

I am, of course, talking about giving your lady . . . → Read More: Foot Worship: Soothing Foot Bath

Sexy Word of the Day!


1. tremulous fear, alarm, or agitation; perturbation.

2. trembling or quivering movement; tremor.

The sissy maid knelt by the front door, smoothing the ruffles of her apron. The hard grains of dry rice her mistress sprinkled on the floor were digging into her skin. The pain in her knees was nagging at her and nearly causing her to break her . . . → Read More: Sexy Word of the Day!

On-The-Go Snack for Cum Eaters

Have you ever seen those on the go yogurt snacks? The ones that come in the long tubes so you don’t need a spoon to eat them? You just squeeze from the bottom and push that creamy goodness out of the tube and into your mouth.

Well, my nasty little cum suckers can have . . . → Read More: On-The-Go Snack for Cum Eaters

House Hold Chores: No Hands Allowed!!!

One of my favorite past times is watching my little house bitches do all my house hold chores while I relax and enjoy myself. However, it is housework after all, and it does get a bit mundane. So in order to amuse myself, every so often I enact the “no hands allowed” rule. Just . . . → Read More: House Hold Chores: No Hands Allowed!!!

The ABCs of CBT

Ok. Admission time. You know that I love playtime with my cuckies and my sissies. You know that I have a sharp tongue and that my laughter is real when I get into a good verbal humiliation session – especially when it involves small penis humiliation. And you know that I absolutely have no . . . → Read More: The ABCs of CBT

6 Tips to Give Better Blow Jobs

This post is for all my cocksucking sissies, faggots, and cucks out there in kinksterland. As a submissive bitch you will most likely at some point find yourself kneeling eye to eye with a nice big cock. A cock that you absolutely must make happy. So the following is just a quick collection of . . . → Read More: 6 Tips to Give Better Blow Jobs

Sissy Sandal Challenge!!!

Sissy Sandal Challenge for the weekend!

This weekend you’re going for a walk in the park. In flip flops. With nail polish.

That’s right pets. You heard me. This public humiliation assignment for sissies and pansy boys is all about toeing the line, and seeing if you get caught! Let’s see how many people . . . → Read More: Sissy Sandal Challenge!!!